Wellness Initiative

Wellness Initiative

H.E.A.T: Healthy Eating Ambassadors in Training

Community Wellness Initiative in Partnership with Vons

Thanks to a generous grant from Vons and the Safeway Foundation, the IAMLA has launched H.E.A.T., a wellness initiative for youth, which stands for Healthy Eating Ambassadors in Training. The initiative aims to address the epidemic of obesity in Los Angeles by encouraging healthy eating and exercise.

Obesity rates among youth hovers at about 14% in Los Angeles. Studies have demonstrated that a child’s risk for obesity is influenced by the physical and social environment in which he or she lives, with two of the most important determinants being diet and activity level.

The IAMLA will be presenting H.E.A.T. in locations throughout the city in the months to come. For information on supporting this initiative or other educational programming at the IAMLA, please click here.